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L-29R "OKO" Letoun 47th Reg

Hello_ I am sorry I can not send post in Czech. I want to find out new information about the L-29 R model recon airplane. I have one of these airplanes in American (mine is L29R 892819)
I need to find out this information.
1. aircraft last flew in 1992. What squadron and base was it at? Line, Zatec, Pardubice or Hradec Kralove??? Was it still attached to 47th reg? What insignia was correct for this airplane??

2. I am looking for a pilot or technican that knows this airplane (2819) and can tell me some things about it.

3. I am looking for any photos of my airplane , 2819 when in service with Czech Airforce.

4. THe L29R has a camera pod in the bottom of the fusalage. I am looking for the tool, or wrench that opens the camera pod. Can anyone provide the original tool or drawings of the tool?

I am trying to have the aiplane original for my Czech Flying Museum in USA. I need help to find this information above. Please email me Robert at (
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Prosím přeložte mu to někdo:

Delfín výrobního čísla 892819 nesloužil v Českém, ale Československém letectvu .

Bohužel přesnější informace jsem nedohledal, ale velmi pravděpodobně sloužil v rámci 47. průzkumného leteckého pluku
v Pardubicích (od 1969) a r.1985 přemístěném na letiště v Hradci Králové .

Pokusím se kontaktovat Standu Vystavěla zda nemá více informací.
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Jo a ještě mu přeložte toto: původní zbarvení ve kterém sloužil v rámci ČS. letectva odpovídá stavu ve kterém letadlo obdržel - vycházím z fotografií , kterých je autorem, jednalo se o standardní zbarvení typu L-29 používaného Čs. armádou.
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Dav: Upozornil mě na tohle téma Martin Smíšek. Přeložil jsem to co jsi psal, něco doplnil a poslal na maila co je výše napsaný.
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Ok - možná bych to dal i sem ať ostatní vidí že na to nekašlem - vím že ty moje informace jsou dost neúplné, ale jiné bohužel nemám .
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možno by stálo za pokus doplniť info v našich letadlech - L-29R 2819. Aj keď niekto tam už presunul jeho fotografie...
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Tak jo, ale je to spíš na vlastní nebezpečí Smile, jak jsem už psal Martinovi, v Angličtině spíš konverzuju a tam se leccos vsákne... Snad tomu bude rozumět.


my name is Radim Špalek and I write on invitation at . I am interesting for history of czechoslovak and czech air force and I have some answers for Your questions.

1) Original c/s is overal silver/colour of material with colourless dope - this is standard c/s of all czechoslovak Delfins, black band before cabin against sun blindness and red nose . In this condition was plane delivered into USA in 1994 (I saw some photos on "card of plane" at and flew with this c/s during full duty in czechoslovak air force in years 1968-1992. During duty in 47. pzlp wasn´t on plane any official badge of unit, because in czechoslovak air force was tendency in this way strictly prohibited and very little frequent. This information wrote "Dav" above...

2) L-29R served in 3. letka (squadron) of 47. pzlp (recce air regiment) at Line AFB from end of year 1969 after disbandment of 45. dpzlp (artillery-recce air regiment). 3rd sq. was detached here, but home base of 47. pzlp was in this time at Pardubice AFB. In June 1985 was 3. letka moved in Hradec Kralové AFB and probably in this time renumbered on 4. letka (squadron). In 1985 was all 47. pzlp moved from Pardubice AFB in Hradec Králové AFB. From October 1989 started disbandment of 4. letka with L-29R and completed was 31. 12. 1989. After this date was in 47. pzlp in duty only one L-29 Delfín tc. nr. 3243. All others, mostly L-29R, were stored.

3) However in this time I haven´t any photos of this plane Sad, but I will try looking .

Sorry for my English, but I hope that the text is understanding.

With best regards

Radim Špalek
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TO Radim Špalek

Dear Radim. Thank you and all others for the response to my request for information about my L-29R (2819) I am a pilot and fly my L-29 to airshows in USA regular basis. I have great interest in Czech Airforce and I am trying to build a Czech flying museum, here in USA in Iowa dedicated to Czech military aviation. I now have L29R and UAZ 469 army truck and I am hoping to add L29C and L39 in the future as well as Zlin.
I want to have correct insignias (patches) for my flight suit for the last unit my L29 actually flew with. I know that orginal color is the flat silver and only red/orange nose color. But I painted my aircraft with colors of L-159 current. I hope to know more about my airplane and the correct patches for me and to put on the outside of the aircraft. I also desperatly seek to find the original tool for the camera pod and could not even locate at military museum Kbely or Trencin. All are gone. I will pay for this tool. I have the special cameras for the pod. I hope to hear more about the R model and my airplane from you or anyone that reads this. I will be at CIAF for my 8th year in September. I wait to hear -- Robert
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Hello Robert,

I have one material - the little monography about L-29R/RS, that maybe help You. Unfortunately is all text in czech, but are there too drawings with detailed schedule of original insignias (admeasurement, colours in Federal Standard)and descriptive markings (original slovak text of descriptive - position on plane - colour of descriptive and height of letters). All data were taken from L-29R tc. nr. 2815 during year 1987 and at tc. nr. 2819 were painted with the same descriptives and insignias. I think it is good base for fully or partly repaint on original c/s (now is Your Delfin sure only one with "low-vis" camo in czech marking Smile. It is attractive, but not historic).

I try copy this material - is it 13 pages and I can send to Your email, when You will want them.

About tool for cameras now I haven´t however too any info Sad .
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Any informations about tool for the camera pod can have museums in Vyskov, Kunovice or Zruc near Pilsner.
Vyskov (originally Vyškov): (only Czech language Sad - ) mail
Kunovice : (only Czech language Sad - ) mail:
Zruc near Pilner : I have not found their web Sad

You can contact fy. Aero a.s. Vodochody
Maybe Aero have any informations about their airplane.

Sorry for my English.
I hope that my imformation will help you.
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TO: dav[Moderator]
Thank you for information address for the aero museums and Aero. I actually have visited every one of these locations and few more with no success. The original tool to open the L-29R camera pod was kept (stored) in the upper nose section lid. (above the oxygen bottles (photo attached) I have looked in every R model I have seen and always the tool is missing. I am hoping a technician that worked on L29R may have the tool or at least the drawing of the tool. Thank you and please everyone keep looking to help me --Thanks Robert
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Hi Robert,
as you see, im the admin of this site, civil name Radek Havelka Very Happy I contacted some of my friends who used to work in Aero Vodochody, factory that produced your plane, and one of their colleague might have not the tool itself, but at least the technical drawings of it, i contacted him asking for this document. He also might have some other documents and drawings regarding this plane, so whatever i will get, I will send you. Thank you for visiting our site Smile
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TO Radek Havelka

Thank you for email response. I look to hear from you , if you obtain any information on my L29R
I will be at Brno for CIAF
I also still hope to find some photos of my airplane while in CAF service and to meet some pilot and technican of L29R

I understand that 47 was last located at Hradec Kralove and that 3 letka became 4 letka for L29 R DOes anyone have picture of the insignia for the 4 letka and for 47 at Hradec Kralove I want to make flight suit patch and to put this logo on my L29 thanks Robert- email
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Hello Robert,

4. letka of 47. pzlp however haven´t sure any official badge. Before year 1990 were official badges of units Czechoslovak air force very rare.

Below is first official badge of 47. pzlp from 28. 10. 1991, which commemorated heritage of second world war 311. /Czechoslovak/ sq. RAF.
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thanks for photo of 47 badge . I am looking for correct emblem (insignia) to paint on my L-29R for the Letka and command it was attached to. I know that colorful emblems did n ot start to appear on CZ aircraft until after 1992. So, I have trouble with what would be correct for my R model. It never flew after 1992. Any suggestions ??

As I understand, my L-29R (2819) would have been at Line, with 47 pzlp, then to Pardubice 3 Letka and last to Hradec Kralove with 4 Letka.
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No, in accordance with my knowledges wasn´t 3. letka with L-29R never dislocated in Pardubice AFB. From 1969 until 1985 was home base Plzeň-Líně AFB. In June 1985 was 3. letka redislocated directly from Líně AFB into Hradec Králové AFB and until then was in Líně as "detached squadron" from 47. pzlp. Remainder of 47. pzlp was in this time really transfered from Pardubice into new home base Hradec Králové too. So from 1985 was all recce regiment concetrated in HK. And in HK was former 3. letka with L-29R renumbered as 4. letka, because in this time were in 1. and 2. letka Mig-21R and in 3. letka Su-22M-4. I hope that now i write all more clearly Smile.

However as a wrote above, no one L-29R in 47. pzlp flew with emblems of letka (squadron) or pluk (regiment). So that on historic former c/s is any badge unreal Sad .
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Dear Robert,
My name is Milos, I am now 46 years young and just by a chance I found your internet communication with some guys regarding L-29. Hope you already got that wrench/instrument for opening spy camera carriage. By the way - I am happy and proud that L-29 is your destiny.
You were also looking for some guys who ever served and/or maintained L-29 in Line, Hradec Kralove - so it is me. Although I hated that communist era and 2 years of obligatory military service - I had just a great time with L-29 airplanes at that time. I was an airframe-engine mechanic of "VU" (air force squadron) 8863 working on regular maintenance checks (A, B, C) and reparations in Line (06/1984-07/1985) and Hradec Kralove (07/1985-09/1985) hangars, whilst my L-29 training took place 10/1983-06/1984 in Brno, i.e. totally 2 years.
That time I had a small diary and recorded illegally all the works performed by me on L-29. I still keep my diary with following L-29 ID numbers:
0810 (two-seater)
0902 (two-seater)
1721 (two-seater)
2613 R
2614 R
2806 R
2809 R
2810 R
2811 R
2813 R
2814 R
2815 R
2817 R
2820 R

As seen your 2819 is unfortunately not mentioned within my list. I would believe that during 1.5 year of daily work in hangar I would also maintain 2819 - if it is there.

Attached I am sending you picture of L-29 R 2613 (I performed A and B works in 1984) in original painting anchored in Kunovice, Czech R and maybe you can still find your missing camera wrench there. All L-29 operated in Line and later in Hradec Kralove had the same silver color coating. Many L-29 had been also operated in Slovakia - Kosice, Piestany, etc. Please try to check "Vojenske Historicke Muzeum" in Piestany - they keep at least 5 units of L-29 but not sure if "R" modification. If yes - they might help you with that camera wrench...(see attachment).

I am not sure if my above information is helpful for you but if you have some more questions I will get back to you forsure.

Best Regards and many happiness with your L-29 2819!

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Good morning.

I apologize for not being able to post in Czech.

I am the lucky owner on L29R serial number 2815.
It is my understanding that this airplane served with the 47th reconnaisance group and would love to put the group insigna on my airplane. To do this, I would need a high resolution of the insigna so I can reproduce it accurately.

The airplane was modified when it left the Airforce. The camera pod was removed and controls were installed in the back. It flew in the USA for quite some time, and we brought it into Canada in 2011. I use the airplane to fly airshows and also do rides to aviation enthousiasts.

Thank you for your help.

Dan Fortin.
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I apologize for not posting in Czech.

I am desperately looking for any and all technical information on the L29R.

Old manuals. Technical orders. Maintenance instructions.

Anything will help.

thank you

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Hi Dan,
I served L29R and other modifications in 1983-85. Your 2815 was among them Very Happy and I am happy it is still flying.
Attached I am sending you some photos which might be useful for you.
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Hi Daniel,
Did you get what you asked for here? If not I will try to get it.
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Citace - Milos :

Hi Daniel,
Did you get what you asked for here? If not I will try to get it.

Myslim si, ze ne, ta poptavka po "Old manuals. Technical orders. Maintenance instructions." je ze vcerejska, takze to asi bude stale aktualni.
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Milos and friends,

No I did not find what I am looking for.

I am glad to have found someone who worked on my airplane. It is a great airplane and lots of fun to fly. But it is the only L29R in my country and all the maintenance and flight manuals we have are for the L29C. So I must find some technical information on the "R" variant.

Any old book would be useful.

Thank you

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Will try my best.

FYI my grandaparents escaped (1948) and lived in Oshawa, Ont, CDN, now my daughter lives in Calgary now (well maybe useless to you). Will try to get as much as possible pild of L-29 papers for you. I served this ducks with love despite their spying role around German borders.
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