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Schützenpanzerwagen 38

Late war designs using the 38(d) chassis

I am looking for help concerning the Schützenpanzerwagen 38 / SPW 38D. This would be the first design for a fully tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

This article appeared in the September 1974 'AFV News' magazine.
No other information available until c.2001.

Source unknown. Is it possible this came from the Feldgrau Magazine? Does anyone have, or access to, a set of these magazines? If so, would someone be willing to look through them to find the article? Such an article is mentioned in the AFV News article.
Further information was discovered in 2018 at the following website:
3 pages of drawings show a different design of SPW 38. Does anyone know the source of these drawings / information?
A model of the 1st type (AFV News) was made in resin by FCM early this century.
I have all the relevant Francev, Kliment, Doyle, Jentz and Spielberger books.
I'm looking for - probably - unpublished information, especially drawings of the SPW and the 38D chassis (all versions).
Hope someone can help.

EDIT ADMIN - Translation

Hledam pomoc ohledne Schützenpanzerwagen 38 / SPW 38D. Toto bylo navrzeno jako prvni plne pasove bojove vozidlo pechoty.
Tento clanek se objevil v zari 1974 v casopise AFV NEWS (priloha 1)
Zadne dalsi info se neobjevilo do roku zhruba 2001. (priloha 2)

Zdroj neznamy. Je mozne, ze toto pochazi z casopisu Feldgrau? Ma nekdo pristup k temto casopisum? Pokud ano, mohl by se do nich podivat,
zdali tam najde tento clanek? Takovy clanek je zminen i v AFV News.

Dalsi informace se objevily v roce 2018 na nasledujicich strankach:

3 stranky nakresu ukazuji jiny design Spw 38. Nevi nekdo, kdo je autorem techto kreseb, resp. zdrojem informaci?
Model dle prvniho typu (AFV News) byl vytvoren v resinu firmou FCM zacatkem tohoto stoleti.
Vlastnim vsechny relevatni knihy od Franceva, Klimenta, Doyla, Jentze i Spielbergera.
Hledam hlavne (zrejme) nepublikovane informace, nakresy Spw a 38D podvozku vsech verzi.
Snad mi nekdo bude moct pomoci.

38d - Translation of German text.

Translation of German text.
URL : : 9
Dear colleague,
try to contact Bob Stone author of English text - via George Bradford.
Contact - see

I can not identify German text.

The Russian text was published in the hobby newsletter: TankoMaster Zelyonaya seriya - attached in full text.
38d - TM ZS 1997, number 3, page 18.

TM ZS 1997, number 3, page 18.
38d - ZS 1998, number 4, page 3 to 5.

ZS 1998, number 4, page 3 to 5.
38d - Only picture.

Only picture.
URL : : 0
Many thanks for posting those.
I never found the 1st page. It's not in the issue 03-1997 on the website I linked to. So, thanks for providing the missing page.
I tried contacting George Bradford several months ago. I never received a reply.
I tried using Google Translate on the Russian text.
Of all those designs shown only one is truly 38D (see page 4) This is the one that interests me most.

I'm not sure what you mean about the German text. Click on the text icon and a PDF file will open. You'll see the German text and my attempt to translate it. Hope this helps.
URL : : 1
Dear Sir,
Sorry, but I do not speak English, so I use an electronic compiler.

Mr. Bradford is very old, but perhaps it could be represented by Hilary Louis Doyle, who worked with Walter J. Spielberger and Thomas L. Jentz.
Maybe he could help Christian Ankerstjerne from the Danish IPMS, which was involved in German technology.

H. L. Doyle

C. Ankerstjerne

Sorry, I can not help more.
URL : : 0
I understand. I only speak English.
I have exchanged e-mails with Hilary Doyle. He remembers the AFV News article. In 44 years of research, he has found nothing on the Schützenpanzer 38.

Thamk you very much for your help and suggestions.
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Up-date of work on creating drawings of SPW 1942-1957 on this website:
Plus new information from Wehrtechnische Monatshefte.
38d - Page 1

Page 1
Příloha je viditelná až po registraci/přihlášení

38d - Page 2

Page 2
Příloha je viditelná až po registraci/přihlášení

38d - Page 3

Page 3
Příloha je viditelná až po registraci/přihlášení

38d - Page 4

Page 4
Příloha je viditelná až po registraci/přihlášení

38d - Page 5

Page 5
Příloha je viditelná až po registraci/přihlášení

URL : : 6